Dizzel: OGPlanet Shuts Down Free Action Shooter

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Beta phases are usually an opportunity for developers to find out what they need to fix and change in order to turn a wary community into a bunch of happy gamers. Sometimes, though, these early testing stages turn out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back as we’ve seen in the case of Spooky Pop and Shadow Realms this week. Now, another free-to-play game bites the dust just a few weeks after its release.

OGPlanet has announced that due to the closure of the Korean studio behind Dizzel, the publisher is forced to shut down the free killing game by April 13th. Players have until then to use up their in-game items and get into a few more matches of gruesome shooting action with friends and like-minded gunslingers.

The publisher thanks the community for its support and points out that the shop (including any and all Astros and Astro items) will be removed from the game as of today. Make use of what you have left until Dizzel, the free-to-play shooter, joins other games that didn’t quite make the cut in April.

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