Dizzel: Free Starter Pack and Female Merc on Release Day

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Dizzel made headlines when it went into open closed beta back in June. Now, after much gathered feedback and tweaked gameplay features, the free-to-play shooter is ready for release. Players can now officially dive into online matches and execute gruesome takedowns and lethal blows that make Saw and Hostel look like kid's movies. Various maps - both old and new - are available for exploration for snipers and melee fighters alike. Speaking of weapons: A wide array of different weapons and firearms can be tapped into to customize both character and combat.
A full game release usually comes with a slew of new content and this is also the case for Dizzel. Mercenaries from all around the globe can now access new weapons, weapon skins and a daily mission system that will reward zealous players with Dizzel points, the shooter’s in-game currency. OGPlanet also welcomes another playable character to the fold. A female one, too, as you could probably tell from the fact that vital parts of her body are not protected by any armor. Like her butt.
If you are eager to get started right away and have a little premium pack to help you out in those early matches, the publisher of the free-to-play online shooter has just the code for you. Simply log into your account, open up the redemption page and enter DZLAUNCH14 to be rewarded with starter items. More game modes and additional features for Dizzel are currently in the works.

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