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Dizzel Description

Whether it’s a haunted metropolis or an abandoned warehouse: Always keep an eye out for potential covers in this third-person shooter to evade barrages of gunfire coming from the enemy team. Put on your big boy (or girl) pants and join the fight!


With Dizzel, publisher OGPlanet has expanded its gaming portfolio with a game that should thrill actions fans everywhere. The free-to-play online game has everything you would expect from a shooter: a wide array of unique weapons, mech robots, ninja gameplay mechanics and finishing moves. Your character might look as tough as nails, but it is up to you to show everyone that you have what it takes to take down the competition with what is available to you. Dizzel is certainly not for the faint of heart or those who feel queasy quite easily: there’s violence, there’s blood, there’s mayhem!

Dizzel is far from being your everyday shooter. In this free-to-play title, you get to choose between various game modes that offer players of every skill level never before seen challenges. Take Killer Sentinels, for example: While one team plays as mechs and tries to hunt down opposing players, the other tries to survive as long as possible. Predator Mode on the other hand randomly selects one player to be the boss. Being the boss not only sounds pretty intimidating, but also boosts your stats and turns you into a serious force to be reckoned with. As the chosen one, you get to woosh past enemy players with the speed of light and shoot them in the back before they can put up a fight.

When participating in online battles, communication is key. You will almost always be grouped with other shooter enthusiasts from all over the world. Talk to them, share your strategy and inform them of your next move. Only together will you be able to outsmart the other team and bring home one win after the next in Dizzel, the free-to-play game. Keep in mind that fallen soldiers can be revived by their allies, so make sure to help your comrades whenever possible. Just hide behind one of the many covers if you ever need to catch your breath while playing the third-person shooter.

Dizzel Screenshots

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Dizzel News

  • Dizzel: OGPlanet Shuts Down Free Action Shooter

    02/11/2015 07:41 am - Beta phases are usually a way for developers to find out what it is they need to fix and change for a wary community to turn into a bunch of happy gamers. Sometimes, though, these early testing stages turn out to be the straw that broke the...more

  • Dizzel: Free Starter Pack and Female Merc on Release Day

    12/11/2014 07:55 am - Dizzel made headlines when it went into open closed beta back in June. Now, after much gathered feedback and tweaked gameplay features, the free-to-play shooter is ready for release. Players can now officially dive into online matches and execute...more

  • Dizzel: Hardcore Shooter Now Available in Open Closed Beta

    06/20/2014 07:53 am - Nope, that’s not a typo in our headline. According to OGPlanet, Dizzel has now entered a closed beta that's open to everyone. Technically, that’s an open beta then, no? Well, let’s settle on just beta for now. The free-to-play shooter goes into...more

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