Divine Souls: Action-packed MMORPG ascends into the Open Beta

12/16/2010 04:57 am in News

Divine Souls, a futuristic online game, flew into the Open Beta phase of testing (OBT) yesterday; meaning players from all over the world can now begin their fantastical adventure. To commemorate this occasion, publishers have organized a host of events and special prizes for OBT participants.
Divine Souls

Divine Souls

Every day for the duration of the Open Beta, players will be able to enjoy a variety of events, with the opportunity to win exciting prizes and earn special rewards. The free-to-play download game Divine Souls was announced in summer this year, and was followed by a Closed Beta phase of testing that saw a significant amount of participants. As of yesterday, all players are able to access and enjoy the action MMORPG simply by going to the game homepage and downloading the client.

Divine Souls takes you to a war-torn futuristic world, in which the fight for control of the precious divine matter has consumed everyone. You must choose between three character classes – Mage, Figher and Slasher – and learn to master an array of combat skills and intense weaponry. Become a hero in a fantasy-rich game world, and protect of fight for control of the sacred divine matter.

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