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Divine Souls
What to expect:
  • Play one of 4 character classes in this free action-based MMORPG
  • Journey through a world where technology and magic coexist
  • Experience a unique story, and progress the plot by completing quests
  • Play against other players in PvP gameplay or team up with friends in the Party System
  • Restore the balance of magic
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Divine Souls: Play This Free Action-Based RPG

The discovery of Divine Matter was a groundbreaking feat of science in Divine Souls, but no one could have anticipated the war it would bring.


Divine Souls is an action-packed MMORPG where players must either fight to protect the precious missing Divine Matter, or overcome all obstacles to take control of it. The valuable matter allows starships to travel to the ends of the galaxy at an amazing speed, and should it get into the wrong hands, it could prove disastrous. In the free-to-play game players must master a significant array of skills, weaponry and combos in order to become enlightened, and thereby a Divine Soul. In the action client game you must participate in both PvP and PvE modes of combat, taking on enemy players and the evil Cursed Souls.

There are four character classes in Divine Souls that players must choose from. These include the Fighter, the Slasher and the Mage. The Fighters are strong and brave, preferring melee and close-range combat. They are equipped with a magic Power Fist, nick-named 'the fist of gods', knocking their enemies to the ground in one blow. The Power Fist can smash through granite, and is used both for offensive and defensive attacks.

The Slashers are agile and have excellent reflexes, wielding over-sized Chain Swords in mid-range combat. Slashers can infuse their Chain Swords with Divine Matter, enhancing their weapon with immense power. The Mages prefer ranged combat, weakening their opponents before swooping in to deal the final blow. Employing the use of magical powers, they can cast crippling spells on their enemies. Mages use the Cannon Staff in combat, firing off a variety of attacks simultaneously.

Last but not least Divins Souls gives you to the opportunity to become a Priest. The Priests are a valuable member of any team thanks to their healing powers and ability to support wounded allies. Never underestimate their power in combat, however, as these templars wield massive scythes with which they can dish out impressive damage to anyone or anything that gets too close.

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