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District 187
What to expect:
  • Play with your Friends Online
  • Choose a Team and Fight to the Death
  • Multiple Game Modes and Missions
  • A Wide Range of Weapons to Choose From
  • Free First-Person-Shooter Action
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Jump into the Firefight and Play District 187!

Grab a weapon, modify to your needs and take to the streets, because there’s an urban war raging and the stakes are high in District 187.


District 187: Sin Streets is a client-based FPS from Korean developers CJ E&M Games. The game takes place in the near future where SWAT forces are trying desperately to maintain control against a veritable army of gangsters who are intent on seizing control of entire cities. Your job is to take a side and fight for your life as well as the primary objective of any given match.

There are five game modes currently available, all of which will be familiar to FPS enthusiasts. The modes are Death Match, Death Match (Knife Only), Bomb Mode, Round Match and Scramble mode. Death Match is your typical rack up more kills than the enemy type of match, where each team attempts to reach the predetermined target amount of kills first. Should the target not be achieved by either team before time expires, the result is determined by which team has more kills. Death Match (Knife Only) functions identically, the only difference is that the available weapons have been restricted to (you guessed it) knives only. Bomb Mode places teams on either offense or defense, where the objective is to either plant and detonate a bomb at a target location, or defend said location from being blasted into oblivion. Teams alternate offense and defense for each consecutive round and the team to win the target number of rounds first wins.

Round Match is a survival type mode where each team member has only one life and the objective is simply to eliminate the opposition. Like Bomb Mode, the team who wins the target number of rounds first wins the match. If time expires in a round, the winning team is whichever side has more survivors. Scramble Mode is a sort of capture the flag, where the ‘flag’ in this case is simply a target object within the map. If a player is killed while carrying the object, the object disappears. The team that reaches the target number of captures first wins the match.

District 187 also boasts a weapon customization system, where various upgrades or modifications can be purchased and attached to weapons in your inventory. Modifications include sights, silencers, flashlights, textures and more. Not all guns are modifiable and not all modifications work for every weapon, but you can sort through all of this in your modification menu, which displays and lets you adjust all of the modifications you currently have available for guns in your inventory.

Take to the streets and assert your dominance now in District 187: Sin Streets.

by Jonathan Smith

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