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Dirty Bomb
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Dirty Bomb Description

Dirty Bomb: Grab your friends and fight for riches and bragging rights in this fast paced FPS.


The society is in pieces, and civilization has all but collapsed. Chaos and anarchy reign supreme in this free-to-play FPS game from Nexon, as you fight for what’s left of London’s resources as a mercenary working for a private military company.

London has become the mercenary capital of the world after a mysterious international disaster. The city is just a shell of its former self as it stands abandoned, dilapidated and in complete disrepair. Iconic landmarks and features of London are still visible, such as black cabs, red postboxes, and The Shard. This, however, is all overshadowed by the warfare and battles that take place on the city’s streets.

Fast, Skill Based Gameplay

The developers wanted this game to go back to the roots of how an FPS should feel. There is no controller support or aim assist, the only thing that decides your fate is skill and reaction times. Dirty Bomb was built to be an engaging and highly competitive FPS. The game features a matchmaking system to make sure that players are pitted against opponents of similar skill levels.

This team-based shooter puts two teams against each other to struggle for victory and resources based on teamwork and skill. Although each mercenary has their own individual strengths, success in Dirty Bomb relies on teamwork and strategy to overcome the enemy. It’s important to build balanced squads with your team-mates so you have all bases covered.

A Mercenary for Every Style of Play

Dirty Bomb offers the player a wide range of different mercenaries to choose from, each with their own distinct abilities and weaknesses. Whether you like heavy firepower, skirmishing, or sneaky assassins, Dirty Bomb has a character for everybody.

Multiple game-modes

Compete for bragging rights in teams of 5 to 8 players across two modes: objective mode, where players must complete an objective while the opposing team defends, and stop-watch mode, where players take turns attacking and defending different objectives while racing against the clock.

Dirty Bomb News

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