Dinosaur Hunt 3D
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Dinosaur Hunt 3D
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Dinosaur Hunt 3D Description

Channel your inner hunter or huntress, dust off your sniper rifle and travel back in time to take on massive dinosaurs! This mobile game will turn you into a true hero, allowing you to courageously take on the world's most impressive creatures...


Get ready to lose yourself in a prehistoric forest and always be on the lookout for scaly predators that roam the online universe! Thankfully, you have all the equipment you need to defend yourself in Dinosaur Hunt 3D should you ever cross paths with one of the more hostile creatures. Your rifle will keep you safe in this mobile game, as long as you manage to always hit your target in time. Aiming sounds easy in theory: Slide your fingertips across the touchscreen of your mobile device to get the respective dinosaur into your crosshairs and then - when you’re confident that you have the shot - pull the trigger by tapping the button. Do you have what it takes to become a legendary hunter?

While video games are usually the perfect opportunity for players to travel into the future or back in time, not many go as far as to include dinosaurs. Dinosaur Hunt 3D seems to be an exception to the rule. Here, many different types of dinosaurs can not only be spotted, but also be taken on in action-packed duels. Every mission will task players to kill a certain amount of targets, ranging from elusive Velociraptors to the Stegosaurus. If you're up for the challenge, click the green button below and download the free dinosaur game to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Dinosaur Hunt 3D is similar to other hunting games except that in this free app, you will have to face much bigger and more ferocious monsters than in a regular game. The key strategy to climbing the ranks in the dinosaur game is to keep all enemy targets at bay until you are ready to take the shot. Remember to aim well, reload in time and always keep an eye out for dangerous predators lurking behind trees or other obstacles potentially obstructing your view. Other dinosaur hunting games here on include Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

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