Dino Storm: Christmas is Coming to Dinoville

12/17/2014 04:26 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesAction

Dino Storm

Dino Storm

It turns out even dinosaurs celebrate Christmas. But then why should they be left out? Even the bloodbath shooter that is F.E.A.R. Online is gifting its players colorful presents this year, and they definitely haven't been well-behaved. So, just because these long toothed carnivores have a tendency to kill anything that moves (T-Rex, we’re looking at you!) and enjoy having a good chomp on their fellow dino friends (again T-Rex, not acceptable), doesn't mean they should all get coal for Christmas, does it?

Even if your mount has cannibalistic tendencies, you can still expect some presents this year in Dino Storm's free-to-play event. On December 19th, Santa will come baring gifts as he rides upon a flying triceratops!
It’s not as if they had reindeer back then, so this seems just as feasible. Gifts include new quests for rangers between level 25 and 40 in the festive Green Volcano and a new title achievement: Become a "Merry Savior of Christmas" and show the new title off by playing the action browser game.

Stay tuned for more Dino Storm news!

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