Dino Storm: Bonus Code Grants a Free Facebook Skin

09/04/2014 10:39 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesAction

We have always wanted to channel our inner Oprah, so here we go: You get a bonus code! And you get a bonus code! And you get a bonus code! Splitscreen Studios has reached another milestone in terms of Facebook likes this week and would like to say thanks for 350.000 erect thumbs. How? By giving you a new dinosaur skin to collect. Simply log into Dino Storm today, open up the menu in the right top corner (what looks like a little gear) and hit the Promotion Codes tab.

Then, enter the following:


Another Facebook skin for you.

This new Dino Storm bonus code will grant you festive fireworks and the Broad-Ridge Stripe skin. You can either equip the new skin right away or store it in your inventory to use at a later time. Make sure to redeem the promotion code as soon as possible, as it’s unclear how long it is valid for!

... and you get a bonus code!

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