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Dino Storm
What to expect:
  • Play for Free in your Browser
  • Online Fantasy MMO
  • Detailed 3D Graphics
  • Wide Range of Characters and Weapons
  • Customize and Train Your Dinosaurs
  • Browser Games
  • Wild West
  • Splitscreen Studios
  • Online Games
  • PvP
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Play Dino-Storm in your Browser!

In this browser game, you head down to the faraway city of Dinoville and band together with other players to protect the city


The browser based game Dino Storm takes you into a deserted town in the core of the United States. Dinoville isn't your regular small town however. In this universe, humans and dinosaurs co-exist! Dino Storm is a massively multiplayer online game featuring detailled 3D graphics and intricate game details, as well as a quirky storyline. If you go around asking children what their favorite things in life are, they will most likely answer "dinosaurs", "laser guns", "cowboys", and the "Wild West". Now, if you combine all of these things you basically get Dino Storm. In a truly unique mix of science fiction, an old-time atmosphere, and dinosaurs, you are guaranteed hours upon hours of gameplay fun.

The fantasy town Dinoville had always been a prosperous and peaceful place – until recently. Dangerous and armed culprits came to this small yet wealthy town to reap destruction, loot valuables, and strike fear into the hearts of its citizens. The people of Dinoville have now become accustomed to muggings, burglary, arson and heist.

Out of a pledge to save this once thriving town, the sheriff formed an elite group of rangers to combat the forces of evil. This elite group of men and women tamed and trained dinosaurs, unleashing the immense power of these creatures. Help train these dinosaurs to master almighty laser cannons to blast away your opponents. It is your duty in the action game to step into this desert world and help overthrow these enemies for good.

Men and dinosaurs come together in a landscape representative of Las Vegas, wielding laser guns at their enemies. Bring back the bodies of the evil, dead or alive, and become a Dino Storm legend. Collect and unlock new dinosaurs, customize them by changing their skins (quite literally), and train them to become your loyal companions. Restore peace and justice to Dinoville in the unique and quirky free browser game Dino Storm.

by Kyle Hayth

Dino Storm Screenshots

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