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Diner Mania
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Diner Mania Description

Serve old grandmas and tough rocker dudes alike in this mobile cooking game and work your way up the culinary ladder! From fresh pasta to sweet desserts: Every meal you prepare needs to be on point and taste delicious for you to make some serious money...


To succeed in the restaurant business, you need to be as tough as nails. Especially if it’s in a simulation game! Not only do you have to manage your time and cook all ingredients right, but you also need to possess enough poise to always be nice to customers - even if they are getting on your last nerve! Diner Mania is a cooking game that requires nimble fingertips and quick reflexes as you serve guests and prepare delicious dishes in dozens of unique levels. The further you get, the more demanding the diners will be! Make sure to cater to the customer’s every wish in this free-to-play mobile game to receive hefty tips and make some serious in-game money!

As you play through the various stages of Diner Mania that get increasingly more difficult, you unlock currency that can be used to get new kitchen appliances, boost ingredients or purchase new decorations. Why invest your hard-earned cash in décor, you ask? Because upgrades like these will make life as both a chef and a restaurateur much easier for everyone involved. Meat will cook more evenly and pies will cook much faster if you improve the oven, for instance. Don’t worry about not being the fastest pair of hands in the kitchen in the beginning, as tutorial quests will show you everything there is to know about playing Diner Mania from the comfort of your iOS or Android mobile device.

While most cooking games are known for throwing different kinds of customers at you to keep you on your toes, no clientele is quite as diverse as the one in Diner Mania. Here, you will serve mean bikers and prepare them extra spicy food. Let them prove how tough they are! The quicker your service, the more money you make in this free-to-play gaming app. Bonus mini games before individual levels will mix things up and keep your Match-3 puzzle skills fresh.

Diner Mania Screenshots

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