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Diner Dash
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Diner Dash Description

Be quick on your feet and serve as many hungry customers as possible in this new installment of a classic time management series. Play from home or on your way to work, as the gaming app can be downloaded for free on the mobile device of your choice.


The fabulous Flo has returned to the gaming world in yet another installment of the popular Diner Dash series. This time, she’s on a mission to give mobile gamers a run for their money and challenge both newbie and veteran players alike in dozens of unique missions. Play through new levels and advance further in the colorful world of dining in this gaming app available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Whether you’re playing on a tablet or smartphone: Simply make use of the touchscreen technology and swipe and slide across the restaurant to seat customers, take orders and send out food while it’s still sizzling hot and fresh.

Diner Dash requires you to be quick on your feet (or fingertips) and collect as many points as possible. Reaching new highscores will be much easier if you manage to pull off combos and chains. Keep that in mind when trying to beat your friends in competitive duels! After playing through the tutorial and first couple of missions, you will notice that the pool of potential customers is made up of different personalities. Some will be more patient, others will fly off the handle when left unattended. This time management mobile game is free-to-play but requires a stable internet connection.

As Flo, you are responsible for keeping the restaurant squeaky clean. You will also have to serve all customers that are eager to try out your culinary creations. Seat people as soon as a table becomes available to avoid queues. Forcing people to wait will not bode well in this social online game, as grumpy foodies are more likely to leave the restaurant prematurely and write something mean about you on the internet. Diner Dash allows you to play with friends and exchange energy, a much-needed resource to keep going. You will not only be notified when another player gets in touch with you, but also when they reach a new level. This is your cue to reach out and congratulate them!

Diner Dash Screenshots

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