Digimon Masters
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Digimon Masters
What to expect:
  • Delve into this free download game to train and develop Digimon
  • Slip into the role of one of three characters
  • Explore a 3D environment
  • Find Digimon, attack them, and gain experience points
  • Evolve your Digimon to Champion, Ultimate, and Mega
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Become a Tamer in Digimon Masters, the Free Download Game

Digimon Masters lets you take on players from around the world in intense battles. Train your monster well and you will be sure to come out on top!


Digimon Masters is a client-based game which takes you to the world of the popular cartoon series of the same name. Instead of merely watching someone else create a bond with this digital monsters, you are the trainer in this fighting game! Select your monsters and help them evolve as you embark on adventures and experience exciting, turn-based combat.

As you travel around and explore the world of Digimon Masters, you will have the opportunity to improve your powerful pet. On your journey, you encounter other monsters and have the chance to confront them in battle. By winning these fights, you earn data, which will help your Digimon grow. This is one of your goals in the anime game. You need to create a strong bond with your fuzzy friend and let him grow stronger in battles. Only those Digimon in a partnership with a human (known as a tamer) can be forced to evolve through the power of the human partner.

During battles in Digimon Masters, there are a few things a trainer has to keep an eye on. You must manage your energy usage appropriately because you use DS (energy) to perform skills and it slowly recovers outside of battle. You can make this go faster by using certain items. There are 5 different attributes which have an effect on how you battle. Neutral (NU), Data (Da), Vaccine (Va), Virus (Vi) and Unidentified (Un) each affect one another in a different way. The effectiveness of your attacks depends on the attributes you have and on the enemy you're battling.

As you continue to level up after combat, you will be able to evolve. This makes you, the trainer, and your Digimon more powerful. Eventually, you will be able to hit the next stage in evolution, increasing your HP (hitpoints) and strength. Additionally, the appearance of your Digimon will change as well, allowing you to see the power growing inside!

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