Diggy's Adventure
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Diggy's Adventure
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Diggy's Adventure Description

Dig your way through this free-to-play game and embark on an exciting adventure with mummies, ghosts, and mysterious artifacts. Become and explorer and uncover the secrets that are buried in the ancient sands of Egypt!


A mysterious quest awaits you in Diggy's Adventure, where you must solve challenging puzzles, dig through secret mines, and build your own camp in the desert. Based in the ancient sands of Egypt, this free-to-play Facebook game takes you through a fascinating story orchestrated by great Egyptian gods! Your tasks is to fulfill the wishes of these powerful deities, whom wish you to uncover the secrets that lay among the earth.

The plot thickens! Traveling along the river Nile to Luxor where Diggy was supposed to meet his friend Linda, a powerful force shipwrecks his boat leaving him stranded on the riverbank. Unsure where he is and what to make of these strange events, Diggy starts to look for help. However, help does not come and soon he finds himself crawling through ancient temples, cursed tombs, and caves full of forgotten treasures.

Accompanied by a mad scientist and a tin man fashioned from the broken bits of ship, you must guide Diggy through complicated stages that will see you digging through the earth, directing laser beams, and navigating your way around increasingly weird and wonderful stages. Be wary though, as all is not as it seems and you must keep your eye out for traps and hidden passageways as you try to solve the many puzzles within Diggy's Adventure.

Similar in gameplay to Dwarven Den and The Bot Squad, this free-to-play title requires insightful thinking, strategy, and logic. Each level becomes progressively more challenging, but rest assured as the mad scientist is always there to lend some helpful words of wisdom. As you tour the world, exploring jungles, deserts, and oceans, you will find ancient artifacts laid out by the gods. Some are just historical items, some will give you clues as to where you are headed next, and some may be useful in conquering the upcoming stages.

Diggy's Adventure Screenshots

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