Die2Nite: Win a beta key for the apocalyptic zombie survival game Die2Nite!

11/03/2010 15:25 pm in News

The survival zombie-themed browser game Die2Nite just launched into the Closed Beta. For the lucky players with an access code, the game is now open and ready to be explored. You don't have a key yet? Don't panic! Take part in our beta key contest and win a code for Die2Nite!


Die2Nite by French online games publisher Motion-Twin went into the Closed Beta phase of testing on Monday, giving selected players the chance to test out and experience the zombie survival MMOG first-hand.

If you are not one of the few lucky beta key owners yet, don't worry. We give you the chance to win an access code that enables you to take part in the Closed Beta and play Die2Nite before the official launch.

To participate in our beta key contest, all you have to do is write an e-mail with the subject 'zombie' to . The winners receive the code via mail and can start playing immediately. The contest closes on Friday, 12th November, at midnight.

Die2Nite takes you into a deserted and desolate world ruled by terrifying flesh-eating zombies. Upon starting the game you will find yourself in a town colonized by other survivors. Join together with these citizens to collect precious resources by day, and defend against the hordes of zombies at night. You can construct and add dwellings to your town, and become an asset to your community as a scout, scavenger or guardian. But beware as darkness falls in Die2Nite, as the lurking threats may be residing inside your town.

Source: Game homepage, Motion-Twin
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