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Die2Nite Description

Discover the zombie-run wasteland of the world beyond and fight for the surviving humanity in this unique horror browser game. The last remaining survivor will become the town hero...


Die2Nite is a survival zombie MMOG in which you are allocated a small town to share with a number of other survivors. Working with your community, you collect valuable resources to defend yourself with by day, and by night you fight against the hordes of flesh-eating zombies that threaten your survival. The last member of the town to survive becomes the ultimate hero.

Explore The Town in browser game Die2Nite, and connect with other victims of the zombie apocalypse. The community is absolutely essential to your survival, and it is only by forming a tight and sustainable network that you will be able to survive the horror. You must continually expand and evolve your town – this is done by visiting the World Beyond and collecting resources such as wood, metal and armor that can be converted through the bank into a unique dwelling for your town.

All citizens in the browser game Die2Nite begin the game as simple residents. You are then able to choose a profession to assist you and the other citizens of your town. As a Scavenger, your search time is optimized and an improved chance of discovering resources in the World Beyond. As a Scout, you are able to stealthily move past hordes of zombies undetected in your camouflage suit, discovering new areas of interest. As a Guardian in Die2Nite you have the ability to fend off more zombies than the average citizen, even when travelling in a group.

Every night at midnight in online game Die2Nite, a horde of zombies will come to attack your town. Any citizens who have been killed the night before will rise again as zombies, so it is crucial you remove any corpses as soon as one of your citizens is killed. Amass defense points to protect yourself from the bloodthirsty zombies, or collect water from the well to fill water balloons with – these will destroy the terrorizing zombies in Die2Nite. Or will they?

by Kyle Hayth

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