Diamond Digger Saga
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Diamond Digger Saga
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Diamond Digger Saga Description

Help Diggy, your trusty friend, dig deep past the surface in this free mobile gaming app by connecting three or more gems. The bigger the chain reaction, the more points you get! Can you beat your friends' highscore and burrow your way to the top?


If you look at how many puzzle games are currently available as free mobile downloads, you would think that connecting colorful objects is a basic need for all humans on this planet. That might just be the case, and Diamond Digger Saga is here to quench your thirst for new challenges and tricky levels. King (Candy Crush Saga) has proven numerous times that Match-3 type games are their forte - so why stop when there’s still avid players begging for more? In all seriousness: Diamond Digger Saga sends you on a quest to collect shiny gems and rescue fireflies that are trapped beneath the ground. Prove that you have quick enough reflexes by swiping your fingers across your iOS or Android device's touchscreen in the many levels that this free-to-play app has to offer to both newbie and experienced mobile gamers.

Unlock all three stars to climb the ranking and think wisely before making a decision. The user interface will always keep you in the loop on how many moves you have left, giving you a rough idea of how well you are mastering the task at hand. Special boosters will help you get rid of pesky blocks that seem impossible to destroy and make way for new opportunities. It is your goal to connect three or more gemstones of the same color and type. The more matches you find, the better your overall highscore will turn out to be at the end of every level. Don’t worry about messing up a challenge, as always gives you a chance to start over and try again.

Diamond Digger Saga is not just a casual mobile game that will help you pass the time and hone your Match-3 puzzle skills, but is also a social experience that connects you to friends, family members and strangers through Facebook. Keep an eye out for familiar faces when exploring the world of this colorful gaming app to see who has already completed the challenge you are currently trying to beat. This way, you always know who to reach out to if you get stuck in the free-to-play title. There’s no shame in asking for a helping hand when it comes to saving fireflies and locating treasure chests!

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