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Diamond Dash
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Diamond Dash Description

Your tactical thinking skills are required! You will need to trust your eyes in this puzzle game to break your own record. You have 60 seconds, so make the best of your time to get as many points as possible…


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend - at least according to Marilyn Monroe. As we all know, anyone ranging from girls and boys to thieving magpies love this sparkling gem. What you might’ve not known is that a panda dressed as a genie loves them more than anyone else. Floating on his purple cloud, he will guide you through this casual game, which features gems and diamonds of all colors.

Diamond Dash is a strategic puzzle game created by Wooga which requires your quick reflexes and swift tactical thinking! In this mobile game, there is never a break to think about your next step, as each level is merely 60 seconds long. It is important to train your mind to quickly make the right decisions. Your goal is to destroy as many gems as possible to collect points for them. There are purple, red, yellow, blue, and green stones that are stacked upon one another. In a true match-3 gameplay fashion, you will be able to eliminate them when at least three gems of the same color lie next to each other. Simply touch a group of gems on your touchscreen to get rid of them and collect your points. New ones will pour down from the top.

The more stones you eliminate at once, the higher your bonus will be. Try to swiftly get rid of as many gems in a row as possible to achieve a short buff that will grant you extra points for a limited amount of time. If you are truly successful, you will soon find extra powers on your screen that will help you destroy larger group of gems with just one tap. One of these is a burning diamond (and probably the reason for the puzzle game’s title), which will destroy all gems in a horizontal and vertical line.

Connect Diamond Dash to your Facebook account to always share your high scores with your friends. Download it on your Android or iOS device to take it wherever you go. The app is completely for free.

Diamond Dash Screenshots

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