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DH Texas Poker
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DH Texas Poker Description

Play some Texas Hold’em poker with this mobile app and put every other card player at the table to shame with your smooth moves, strategic thinking and unreadable poker face. Draw in virtual money by playing the right hand and reap big rewards...


Nothing feels quite as rewarding as beating other players in a game of serious poker. There’s just something oddly satisfying about drawing the right cards and outsmarting friends, family members, or complete strangers that you just recently met on the internet. DH Texas Poker allows you to take on other Texas Hold’em enthusiasts from all around the globe in online matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just like in real life, you are tasked with keeping track of what cards have been played and guessing what cards other gamblers might hide in their hand. Make the right call by either folding, checking, or raising the stakes in this free mobile game!

Who you play against is decided by which room you join. Here’s a preview of what you can choose from:

• VIP Tables (for the serious contenders)
• Private Tables (to play with friends)
• Open Tables (for regular online matches)

A handful of different game modes will keep things fresh in DH Texas Poker. Want to play a quick match without having to worry about inviting other players? Then simply press Play Now. If you prefer a more Casino-style approach to the card game which is often considered as gambling, pick the Select Casino option when opening up the poker app on your iOS or Android mobile device. While it is no requirement to log into the DH Texas Poker on a regular basis, there are certain perks to getting in a daily dose of competitive poker. What kind, you ask? You will be able to take part in a daily lottery and win valuable prizes ranging from free chips to special offers.

Showing off through the means of social media has never been easier than in a social mobile game like DH Texas Poker. Here, with just a few single taps of your touchscreen you can share points, achievements, and newly amassed riches (virtual currency only, of course) with Facebook friends. Speaking of friends: Knowing the right people in this free poker game can certainly be an advantage, as free gifts can be exchanged between friends when playing online.

DH Texas Poker Screenshots

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