Devilian: Alvir’s Legacy and More Coming Up

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Last week has been a week of Producer’s Letters and Dev Diaries in the online gaming world, and we were barely able to cover most of them. The Producer on Devilian, Andrew “Drewcifer” Sipotz, turned to the MMORPG’s community to shed some light on some of the exciting changes and expansions coming to the online game in the upcoming weeks and months. The teams over at Bluehole Ginno and Trion Worlds have been busily preparing lots of exciting things for their players to enjoy during the summer.

Devilian players will already be familiar with the Terror from the Depths game mode in which up to 120 players get to battle it out against each other. It has been very popular among the community and will be available on Thursday and Sunday evenings from now on. With the release of the upcoming patch 1.4, it will also be referred to as Stormfront War instead of Terror from the Depths.

Speaking of which, the Devilian update 1.4 is called Alvir’s Legacy and scheduled to come out this summer. It will raise the level cap to 56 and bring many more challenges for players to enjoy. The patch focuses on the fight against Kavel, who is on a mission to unleash ancient and terrifying devils. Devilians will have to find a new source of power to battle it out against this ancient form of evil.

Luckily, there will be new gear sets in Alvir’s Legacy to prepare players for the difficult challenges. Even more importantly, there will be new artifacts that enhance players’ gear. Once they reach level 9+, Alvir’s Artifacts can be upgraded even further into Greater Alvir’s Artifacts.

High level players can enjoy four new heroic and hell dungeons, one new Archdevil Dungeon, and a brand new dungeon type called the Heroic Archdevil dungeon.

There is no word yet on when the update will go live, but Sipotz promised a summer release in his dev letter.

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