Devilian: First Major Content Update Announced

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The Tempest is coming to Devilian!

The free-to-play MMORPG Devilian has only been in its open beta for a little more than a month. Since December anyone can join the fantasy game by simply registering an account. Trion Worlds is known for pampering their gaming communities with regular updates. Even during its beta testing, Trove got one new character class after the next. The MMORPG Rift also goes from one expansion to the next. The studio behind Devilian is happy to announce the first major content update for the online game.

What is an open beta phase but an excuse for developers to constantly add new content? It makes sense then that Trion Worlds is adding the first big patch to Devilian only two months after the beginning of its open beta. The Fury of the Tempest update is scheduled to launch on February 18th, and it will bring a brand new class to the roleplaying game, among many other things.

The Tempest Class has been briefly teased in a short trailer. She is a skilled fighter, who has mastered the art of blades in battle, according to the developers. She can masterfully combine acrobatic combat with wielding her weapons to defeat any opponent. In truly desperate moments, her daggers combine into a twin bladed glaive. Sounds pretty intimidating!

As though that wasn’t enough, the upcoming patch also raises the level cap to 54 and adds a new Raid Dungeon, two new Archdevil Dungeons, and level 54 gear sets. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming update.

Source: Official game homepage

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