Devilian: Get a Free Key for the Last Closed Beta Phase

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Trion Worlds’ upcoming online game Devilian has already gone through three closed beta phases. While the third phase only ended a few days ago, it seems like things are really heating up, as the fourth and final closed beta event is already starting tomorrow, November 19th, 2015. Participating players can test the action-RPG through Monday, November 23rd. As with any closed beta, players need a beta key in order to delve into the War for Nala. Lucky for you, we here at have several codes in store for you!

Get Your Beta Keys for Devilian here!

There’s not a lot of work you need to invest in order to get a free access to the final closed beta stage of Devilian. We’re not cruel people after all! First and foremost, you need to be quick about it, as we only have a limited amount of keys available. What are you waiting for? Add your email address in the field below, check your inbox a few minutes later, and hopefully receive your precious beta access. Make sure to check your spam, just in case.

This giveaway has ended.

Welcome to the Final Closed Beta Event!

The last testing phase brings two much requested features to the action-RPG. Devilian War and Class PvP will be available in Trion Worlds’ upcoming online game. The former allows guilds to battle for areas of Nala, and the latter brings allows players to battle it out against each other in their non-Devilian forms in all of the battlegrounds.

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