Despicable Me – Minion Rush: Grandpa Outfit and New Minigame in “Back to School” Update

09/14/2015 10:02 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsMobile GamesApps

Despicable Me: Minion Rush going back to school!

There’s no escaping the fact that summer’s over. While the temperatures in some parts of the country might still be deceiving, there’s no denying that fall is here and school has started. Even your favorite mobile games will remind you that it’s time to go back to school. The guys and girls over at Gameloft have now announced the next game update for Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Luckily, this should be more fun that doing your homework.

The Back to School update brings a new special mission to the endless runner. It will challenge players to collect various school related items in each level, including notebooks, backpacks, and lunchboxes. Why should players try to collect these objects? Well, they’re not only essential for successfully making it through a school day, but they will also reward diligent collectors with a wacky Grandpa outfit.

The grandpa outfit in the new update for Minion Rush.

As soon as the update is live, players can delve into a brand new mini game. They can choose their favorite minion and have them perform dangerous stunts on a scooter. This also gives them an opportunity to collect some special back to school related items, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Apparently, there will also be new features for Minion-Races, allowing players to prove their worth in the new Endless Run Mode called Time Attack.

The Back to School update has not been released yet. We will keep you posted as soon as you can delve into the new content.

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