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Desert Blitz
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Desert Blitz Description

Try out this exciting strategy game that deals with fictional conflicts over resources. Choose from a variety of different units and fight for your country...


A very real problem in a fictional world: the world's oil is becoming scarce and therefore a new source needs to be located in another country. In Desert Blitz you take on the role of a soldier who receives an order from his government to find new oil reserves in the Central Asian state Rakistan.

Since you begin your adventure in the foreign country with only a small tent as your headquarters, your first task in Desert Blitz is to build a high-tech base that you can operate from properly. A good balancing between energy generation and the production of essential resources is very important. Make sure to build up your station accordingly.

In Desert Blitz there are two types of energy at your disposal, namely solar and nuclear power.

That is not all. You will need industrial facilities such as a steel factory and a warehouse to adequately store your resources. Oil not only has to be refined, but also made into fuel and then stored in Desert Blitz.

The exploration of new technologies is essential for many tools and weapons. In Desert Blitz there are three different branches of research to choose from: propulsion research, military research and intelligence technology. With the help of these types of research, you have the possibility to expand your base and to build even more stations later.

You've got the task of building barracks, an armaments factory, an aircraft factory and a missile silo. Once you have done that, you can soon plunge into battle against enemy units. To improve your chances in Desert Blitz it is advisable to join an alliance with allied players.

by Kyle Hayth

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