Desert Operations
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Desert Operations
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Desert Operations Description

Become the ruler of a small country, create a mighty empire, and stand up to thousands of other players! The battle for precious resources has only just begun...


Desert Operations is an online game by Looki Publishing which offers many different possibilities of playing. This is probably why thousands of players are already hooked. The real time strategy game is set in a world at war, in which your main purpose is to build an army that is respected and feared everywhere else in the world. In general, the game is characterized by a broad range of strategic elements – for example you need to skillfully use diplomacy and alliances if you want to progress in Desert Operations.

In order to succeed against a large number of enemy players, it is important to develop your country as quickly as possible. Only then will you be in a position to protect it from attacks. One of the most basic objectives in Desert Operations is to increase your influence in world affairs. You can only achieve this by forming numerous alliances and by fighting wars. That does make sense considering that Desert Operations is a war game.

The RTS truly features an endless possibility of creating new alliances - especially with your friends. This will make it much easier in the long run to successfully fight your enemies. Trade and intelligence should be part of your strategy, too. Together with your allies you are much stronger and more capable to fend off enemy attacks. Naturally, wars are fought in a variety of ways. Instead of only actively and openly going against your enemies, you should send some spies on them to gather some secret informatin. This will allow you to find out what your opponents are planning. This knowledge will certainly give you a strategic benefit and allow you to prepare more thoroughly for battles.

In Desert Operations, strategy and tactical skill are the most important components to succeed. Together with your allies, you can reach much more than as a lone fighter. The game is also available for Android and iOS devices.

by Kyle Hayth

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