Defiance: Holiday Events Return for Armistice 2048

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The Defiance franchise has seen a lot of changes since its launch back in 2013. Fans of the sci-fi universe have not only had the chance to watch their favorite characters go through thick and thin in Syfy's television show, but also to leave their own mark in the free-to-play online game of the same name. Now, Trion Worlds (ArcheAge) is more than ready to celebrate Defiance's two-year anniversary with a big bang and reward players for their unwavering loyalty.

Happy EasterHalloweenChristmas!

During Armistice 2048, all Defiance players have the chance to live through past holiday events and snatch up valuable loot (including epic and legendary weapons) along the way. Whether it's the Solstice Strike or the New Frontier Harvest, special arkfalls are now available in the free MMOFPS until April 20th.

While this annual event is usually a time for Ark Hunters to lay down their weapons and remember fallen soldiers, Mutants and Dark Matter are threatening to ruin the festive mood and need to be stopped. The more firepower, the better...

Here's a special Defiance trailer to show what exactly players have accomplished:

Source: Official game homepage

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