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Defiance Description

Time to load your weapon and use alien technology to your advantage! Mutant raiders and hellbugs have taken over the lands and if you want to get your hands on some of those valuable ark resources, you should fight back and make your claim!


Yes, this is indeed the game description for Defiance the game, not the TV series. Even though the sci-fi universe can also be witnessed from the safety of your living room by simply watching a new episode every week, there’s also a way for you to jump into the online world and change the course of history with this free-to-play MMO. Both the hit show and the game are set in the same setting, so be prepared to meet familiar faces and play through story quests that have already been discussed. Trion Worlds (Rift) has plenty of new content for you to experience in Defiance as soon as you take on the role of an ark hunter and draw your nano weapon to protect your planet.

So what do ark hunters do, exactly? They are on a quest to uncover ancient relics and research alien technologies in order to reach new heights and conquer new parts of the Defiance world. While there are main quests that are set in stone and will always be available to your character, so-called arkfalls will spice things up from time to time. These dynamic events are hard to predict, so make sure to always be prepared for new challenges when exploring the science fiction online game: Both alien and human raiders will try to beat you to the punch and snatch up every last rare mineral during these events if your reflexes are not quick enough.

From sniper rifles to combat shotguns: An ark hunter’s pride and glory lies in their weapon. You will have plenty of different firearms to choose from as you play through the futuristic MMORPG. Make a pick and stick to it! As you level up your character, you are able to allocate skill points and specialize in certain fields of expertise. This gives you a chance to set yourself apart from other online players in the free-to-play title, regardless of whether you are participating in team battles or challenging others in competitive player-versus-player deathmatches.

Defiance Screenshots

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Defiance Videos

  • Defiance: Two Years of Sci-Fi Success

    03/31/2015 04:10 am - Syfy and Trion Worlds can look back on two successful years of Defiance, both the television series as well as the online video game. Many enemies have been slaughtered and miles have been traveled in the free-to-play MMOFPS, so it's high time for...more

  • Defiance: Aftermath Update Ushers in New Content

    11/26/2014 05:53 am - There's no stopping ark hunters in Defiance, even if the television series is currently on hiatus! Trion Worlds has just released a content update, adding new missions, maps and a Thanksgiving event to the free-to-play online game. Here's the video...more

  • Defiance: Investigate the Guiding Light Cult in New Update

    08/07/2014 04:01 am - Step up your game and enter the Silicon Valley, the first ever world expansion released for Defiance. A mysterious cults awaits your arrival and it's up to you to investigate their intentions. Are they as innocuous as they claim to be? Find out now...more

Defiance News

  • Defiance: Holiday Events Return for Armistice 2048

    03/31/2015 04:30 am - The Defiance franchise has seen a lot of changes since its launch back in 2013. Fans of the sci-fi universe have not only had the chance to follow their favorite characters through thick and thin in Syfy's hit show, but also to leave their own mark...more

  • Defiance: Celebrate Thanksgiving in Aftermath Expansion

    11/26/2014 10:28 am - Defiance is a franchise that’s available as a television series and a video game. While the two are unique in their own way, both forms of media share the same lore, characters and oftentimes even the same storyline. Syfy’s show is currently on...more

  • Defiance: Now Free-to-Play on Xbox 360

    11/20/2014 04:25 am - Earlier this year, Trion Worlds (ArcheAge, Rift) announced that Defiance would switch to a free-to-play business model and be made available to all players during the summer. While this was true for both the PC and PlayStation 3, Microsoft users had...more