Deer Hunter 2014
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Deer Hunter 2014
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Deer Hunter 2014 Description

Hunt more than 100 different animals in this mobile hunting game. From bears to wolves to penguins: No vicious beast will be safe from you once you head out into the unknown. Customize your equipment and collect trophies as you unlock new resources... features a wide array of sports games covering American football, soccer, and even hockey. Care to play a round of tennis? Be our guest. Interested in spending a day on the golf course? We invite you to do so. What most gamers tend to forget is that hunting, too, is considered a sport in some parts of the world. That’s where Deer Hunter 2014 comes in: a free mobile game that allows you to pick up a weapon and hunt down as many species as possible. Judging from the game’s name, you may think that the only prey you will be getting in your crosshairs is deer. That’s only the beginning! Here, you get to track down more than 100 different animals.

From feline predators to ursine carnivores, this free hunting simulator is set in a massive 3D universe that introduces you to many parts of the world that you might not ever get to witness in real life. Visit the marvelous African continent and make your way through the vast desert that is the Sahara; swing by the lush woodlands of North America’s northwest; explore the icy landscapes of the Antarctica and always be on the lookout for your next target. Taking down animals takes patience and a steady hand. Make sure to only fire off a shot in Deer Hunter 2014 when you are positive that it will hit. You wouldn’t want to scare off your next potential trophy now, would you? Thought so.

Deer Hunter 2014 is both a shooter and a hunting game. Glu Games (Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores) has made it possible for you to customize your avatar and arsenal of weapons. Modify every little detail - from magazine size to ammunition type - so that you can head out into the wilderness without having to worry about jammed guns or running out of bullets. Once you have everything set up, it’s time to collect trophies and unlock new achievements!

This adventure app is available for free on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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