Deepolis: Part 1 of the New Combat System Is Headed This Way...

07/06/2011 04:28 am in News

All admirals report to your battle stations as there is a bunch of new content headed to the action browser game Deepolis, this week. Publishers Bigpoint have released information regarding the first part of the host of changes coming which include more damage, experience and new opponents.


For some of the more experienced admirals of Deepolis, Bigpoint (DarkOrbit, Battlestar Galactica Online) will be adding quite a bit of content for you to experience with the coming updates this week.

The experience point hunt is more important than ever before because players will now be able to level up higher than was ever possible. This means the admirals of Deepolis will be able to become more powerful and earn more items!

Along with the increase in level, the admirals of Deepolis will be able to do even more damage. Additionally, the battle zone in Deepolis will be filled with new, incredibly powerful opponents. These new NPCs will be up to level 180 and will present new challenges that are sure to test the skills of even the most veteran seafarer.

As for the less experienced admirals, there are going to be some changes in the distribution of experience. After PvP fights, young admirals will receive significantly more experience to help them level and develop. So get out there and start fighting!

Source: Game homepage
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