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Deepolis Description

Experience action-packed scenes in a stunning underwater online game! Dive into a world full of mystery and win the battle against countless enemies...


The popular browser game Deepolis takes place completely underwater. You, as captain of the boat, are responsible for guiding it through the deep expanse of the ocean of Deepolis and emerge from the fierce battles taking place there as a winner. But more than just fire fights with other boats await you in this game.

As a warrior in the underwater world of Deepolis, you also have to trade resources and take over enemy bases. You will need a lot of skill and alertness. Think about each step carefully. After all, you don't want to spoil important negotiations or lose battles against enemy bases in Deepolis.

Attacks on empires of lost cities are also very important. Always be sure to look out for enemy forces in Deepolis. Take notice of who approaches you because, unfortunately, a lot of enemies are initially not recognizable as such. Your opponents have, of course, the same goal as you: to win.

The action online game Deepolis is a multi-player online game, and therefore you can battle enemies in the underwater worlds alone or together with your friends. Deepolis will inspire action online game fans not only because of the action that is in store for the player, but also because it provides a stunning underwater world to explore and dominate.

by Kyle Hayth

Deepolis Screenshots

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