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Deathend Description

Man against mutant. No matter which side you’re on, you will face a fight to the death. Are you ready for this dark, future world - which has been destroyed by a nuclear incident?


The year is 2090 and there’s not much left of the world as we knew it. After a horrible nuclear war the Earth is buried in dirt and poison. The world lies in ashes and everything that was once beautiful and alive is now destroyed. Many mutants have united in groups and are now hiding from daylight. After nightfall, they come out of hiding and bring evil upon the world.

But, there is still hope for Mother Earth. A few humans survived and they are determined to fight the mutants by all means. Are you going to join them? Or, are you too afraid to fail and prefer to join mutants?
At the beginning of the game Deathend, you choose whose side you want to fight on. Decide whether you want to be a human being or a mutant. Once you made your decision, you step right into the web game.

You fulfill tricky missions, fight against mutants or humans and – most important – never give up. Deathend includes many special features. If you fight as human, for example, you can use helpful DNA upgrades and a water tank. An arms factory provides you with all the guns you need to prepare for the Deathend battle.

It’s recommended that you don‘t fight alone; it is better if you can join a team. Your teammates help you survive in this dark and dangerous online world. Together, you can fight and win against stronger enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

Deathend Screenshots

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