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Deadbreed Description

This action role-playing game lets you take over bloodthirsty monsters for once. Use their superhuman powers and dark magic to take over control points, slay other beasts and loot valuable treasure along the way. Just watch out for sneaky assassins...


In times when smash hits like League of Legends and Dota 2 are dominating the competitive gaming scene, it’s difficult for new MOBA titles to shine through. The up-and-coming Deadbreed, however, tries to set itself apart by not only featuring horror-themed characters, but also aiming their core features at those who value the old days of RPG gaming. Instead of picking just one predetermined character that always has the same abilities no matter how often you choose it, this free-to-play title offers gamers a whole new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena experience. Customize your champion as you see fit by deciding on a weapon, an artifact and a certain set of armor. Would you rather charge forward and meet enemy players head on than stay back or lurk in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself? Then dust off that plate armor that you have been eyeing and be the ferocious warrior that you were meant to be.

You know how dedicated players usually know maps like the back of their hand? In Deadbreed, things are a little bit different. Here, the community decides what there is to explore in each and every map. You can put in extra quests for your opponents to play through, set up hidden dungeons and pose player-versus-player challenges to your fellow group members. The more you manage to complete while also keeping the other team at bay, the more experience points you will receive.

Speaking of experience: Playing will help you advance your character and learn new skills along the way. Both your hero as well as the artifact you have equipped get more and more powerful as you roam the gloomy landscapes of this free-to-play MOBA. Once a certain amount is reached, you can respectively level up or upgrade your character or magical equipment. With a little bit of luck, you will also be able to imbue your artifact with relics, enabling you to wreak even more havoc than before.

Whether you choose to play as Nekros, Domini, the Brood or any other character that is currently available in Deadbreed - keep in mind that playing alongside your friends will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Deadbreed Screenshots

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