Dead Island: Epidemic
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Dead Island: Epidemic
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Dead Island: Epidemic Description

Your main goal in this online game is to fight against undead monsters that want to eat you alive. A deadly virus has turned people into zombies on a tropical island. Survive the epidemic and escape this nightmare.


Attention all survival horror fans! This free-to-play zombie game will put you in a state of fear. The folks at Deep Silver have announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a brand new free-to-play MMO. The ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) game will be set in the iconic Dead Island universe. If you are familiar with the franchise, you will recognize those trademark elements that have made this series so popular among survival horror players.

In the battle arena game you will be part of a team of players and fight against two other teams in order to survive. Just like most other MOBA games, Dead Island: Epidemic will be a fusion of action and real-time strategy elements. Your goal will be to destroy your opponents’ main structure while simultaneously defending your own buildings. Once your opposing teams’ structures are destroyed, you will win the battle. It is of utmost importance to communicate with your team in order to defeat your opponents. Although each battle will be very fast-paced and full of thrilling action, it is always important to remain cool and strategize your next moves.

Publishers Deep Silver have coined the term ZOMBA, focusing on the horror survival elements of these battles. Each battleground will feature the iconic undead, brain-eating monsters of your nightmares. There will be many different types of zombies – you will encounter the iconic slow and lethargic undead which were famously depicted in George A. Romero’s movies, the fast and fierce infected humans that are full of rage, and mutated monsters that vomit acid and explode when destroyed.

The folks at Deep Silver have published more than 200 games in the decade that they’ve been around. Among other games, they have produced Dead Island, Metro: Last Light, and Saints Row IV. New information on Dead Island: Epidemic will be released at this year’s gamescom in Cologne.

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