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Dead Earth
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Dead Earth Description

Step into the near future and take on the role of the head of a major corporation. You must take control of asteroids to supply the Earth with necessary resources...


In Dead Earth, you are launched into an all-to-near future in which the Earth is becoming ever more desperate for resources. Because of this, major corporations have taken to the stars to mine asteroids for their precious minerals. You must create your own booming empire by taking these valuable asteroids as your own and dominate the solar system.

Trying to take control of an entire solar system is no easy task and the game play in Dead Earth is no exception. You will have to use all of your skills and your best strategies to get the job done. The tools to achieve this goal are your ships and asteroid bases.

Dead Earth features plenty of space-faring ships to get the job done and bring in those resources. You can research over 72 different hulls, weapons and defenses to ensure your survival among the planets. However, not just your ships are important in the fight for asteroids. You must also make sure that your asteroid bases are well-stocked and ready for an attack at any time because you are not the only one vying for control of the solar system.

You will have to face off against thousands of other players from around the world or hard-nosed computer players who wish nothing but to destroy you and take your territory in Dead Earth. So, if you are looking for a way to better you standing in the solar system, you can team up with other players and create powerful alliances.

Designing ships, researching new technologies and expanding your empire to supply the dying Earth with precious minerals are what the name of the game is in Dead Earth. Those who impose their will and have a sound strategy will claim complete domination and the glory that comes with it.

by Kyle Hayth

Dead Earth Screenshots

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