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DDTank2 Description

This browser-based, action-packed game will have you fighting players from around the world in intense, turn-based combat – the only thing you have to do is survive.


DDTank2 is a free-to-play online game that challenges you to master the skills of your own self-inspired character by facing off against other players in virtual combat. With a variety of weapons and skills, you will almost certainly never have a problem finding new ways to destroy your enemies in battle.

The action in this PvP-packed title is turn-based. That means each player gets to choose what they would like to do, whether it is an action or movement, and then the next person gets to choose their own action. This style of gameplay means that you have to have your next move planned out and anticipate what your opponent might do next. Having the biggest sword or strongest muscles doesn’t always mean you are going to be the winner.

Again, there is a lot of variety when it comes to mayhem and destruction in DDTank2. You can equip your character with the best weapons that you see fit – ranging from explosive rocket launchers all the way to pointy ninja stars. Of course, you can also upgrade your gear as well. By upgrading the equipment you use, you can increase your chances of survival because the better the equipment, the better stats you will have.

DDTank2 also gives you the opportunity to adopt your own pet. These faithful companions will fight loyally at your side. Much as you progress through the game and earn new levels, your pet does as well. That means over time they become more powerful.

It seems in DDTank2, there is almost always something to blow up and destroy. From world boss events to individual opponents, you always have to be on your toes and ready for the next fight.

DDTank2 Screenshots

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