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DC Universe Online
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DC Universe Online Description

Travel to the depths of Gotham City and fight alongside or against all your favourite comic book superheroes and villains in this monumental online MMORPG – choose your side and become a legend...


DC Universe Online is the online version of the much popular DC Universe game series. The online game has several unique features including physics-based and visceral combat, as well as spectacular comic book style graphics. Fight with or against all the classic heroes and villains of DC, including Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Joker. Explore the vast realms of DC including the dark alleys of the infamous Gotham City, the futuristic vastness of the Metropolis, the eerie Arkham Asylum.

You will play with your very own custom DC Universe Online character, each with a unique combination of superpowers and a different look. Enter the dark underworld of DC Universe Online and choose your path. Will you decide to bring down and fight the core of street crime and evil gangsters, or will you terrorize the streets and wreak havoc as an evil villain? Your destiny is in your hands.

Using the exceptional physics engine in DC Universe Online, heroes are able to use simple objects around them as weapons against their opponents. Additionally the visceral combat allows you full control over your hero’s strikes, kicks and blows, giving you more freedom and providing a greater challenge in game play.

With story-based adventures and quests designed by famous DC writers Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, and a graphic setting inspired by legendary comic artist Jim Lee, DC Universe Online really submerges you in this fantasy world of legends, heroes and villains.

Fly across the city and use your unique superpowers to regain control of the DC Universe and ensure that either good or evil takes reign. Be the next legend of the DC world.

by Kyle Hayth

DC Universe Online Screenshots

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DC Universe Online News

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