Dawngate: Guarding the Tombs of Sunar - Meet Lillin

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As a holy guard of the ancient tombs of Sunar, Lilliin - The Old Guard is a powerful ranged magician whose abilities mingle well with other magical Shapers (that’s what champions are known as in Dawngate). Having been exiled for her heresy of love, she instead wreaks havoc on the battlefield. All of her attacks cause magical damage which are very powerful. In return for her raw power and her ability to synergize with other Mages, she is a rather immobile fighter. Get a closer glimpse at all of her abilities in action in the official Shaper introduction here:
As seen above, all of her abilities cause damage and magical damage to inimical Shapers and either knock them back or lower their magical resistance. She is best described as a Tactician in the beginning of battles, but quickly turns into a Gladiator. It is recommended to team up with another Mage to make the best use of her devastating power. In the free-to-play MOBA, Lillin will excel against Tanks and Bruisers. 

In an official producer’s letter, Dave Cerra, the lead producer at Waystone Games, also assured the Dawngate community that the next patch would finally bring the competitive beta to the online game and give players the chance to participate in tournaments.

Source: Official game homepage
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