Dawngate: Sgt. Buttersworth at Your Service - Meet Flin and His Mount

09/12/2014 05:25 am by Marcel Wuttig in SpecialsDownload GamesMOBA

Riding on his giant beetle, Colonel Flin is not only the first mounted Shaper in Dawngate, but probably also one of the quirkiest. As a veteran of hundreds of battles in the southern jungles, Flin knows his way around the battleground. His old comrade Sergeant Buttersworth who is a giant beetle also functions as his mount. Yup, Flin teams up with Sgt. Buttersworth to become the first mounted shaper in Waystone Game’s free-to-play MOBA.

Fin is a melee, physical damage tank whose passive keeps him more durable than most other playable characters, especially when clearing the jungle. His passive, Pure Shaper - Carry On, allows him to cast his abilities freely and take less damage from non-shaper sources, allowing him to excel in the jungle. Thrilling Heroics has Flin jump off Sergeant’s back to attack his opponent. He will remain immobile until his beetle friend picks him up again. Overrun slows down and damages nearby enemies, Field Rotation deals physical damage, and Finest Hour speeds up Flin and his allies.

One of the best names in online gaming - Sergeant Buttersworth!

As part of the patch, the developers at Waystone Games also added the new casting mode that has been demanded by the Dawngate community for a while. This will give players an opportunity to cast their tournaments and prepares the MOBA for the eSports scene. This is only the first in many steps to thoroughly add features to the online game leading it into the competitive scene. Fans of Dawngate lore also have reason to rejoice. After the studio planned on putting The Dawngate Chronicles on hiatus, the community gasped, begging for more. Waystone Games listened to their players and hired a new author to further expand the lore behind the free-to-play MOBA.

Source: Official game homepage
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