Dawngate: Straight from the Abyssal Sea - Meet Viridian

06/18/2014 03:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in SpecialsDownload GamesMOBA

Every once in a while, the folks over at Waystone Games introduce a new so called Shaper to their MOBA Dawngate, which is currently in its community beta. Shapers are basically the online game’s champions who battle it out against each other in heated fights. Viridian - The Abyssal is the latest character to be introduced to the action game.

Coming from the eastern Shorewind tribe, Viridian learned at an early point what it means to be alone. His skills of hunting whales in the depths of the ocean, merely equipped with a knife, have always been horrifying to the members of his tribe. Bonding with the Spirit of Finesse allowed him to become the skillful fighter that he is.

As a melee and physical damage Assassin, The Abyssal will make most Shapers’ life on the battlefield a living hell - at least once he comes close enough to attack them in a close-range duel. Here, he excels dealing massive damage to his enemies. Viridian will shine the most whenever he is paired with someone who can help set up his burst combos.

His attacks, such as Knife Toss, Surge and Heartstrike, all deal massive close-range damage to his opponents. Deep Rising summons a giant whale which will impale the first Shaper in its way and drag them along.

Source: Official game homepage
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