Dawn of the Dragons
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Dawn of the Dragons
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Dawn of the Dragons Description

A malicious army is threatening to wipe out the entire population of this free-to-play social game, and the good citizen of West Kruna rely on your talents. Do you have enough willpower to fight off dragons and face the most ruthless chieftains?


If roleplaying games tickle your fancy and you have always wanted to become a legendary dragon slayer, then stop what you’re doing and listen up: Dawn of the Dragons is a free-to-play Facebook application that can also be played on mobile devices and allows to become just that. You start the fantasy game by creating a character. Making your way through the kingdom of West Kruna takes up energy points that regenerate over time. Each and every action you command your avatar to do will cost you resources, but just think of the treasure that you might find on your journey!

Gold pieces, experience points and magical equipment are unlocked by completing quests and joining your friends on raids. Speaking of raids: There are all kind of challenges to take on in this free-to-play title, the most difficult being world raids. Here you get to battle against dark dragons such as the Corrupted Erebus or intimidating swashbucklers like Gorybeard. You will most likely not be able to defeat them on your own, so that’s why you should group up with others players and think of joining a guild in Dawn of the Dragons. Having other gamers to cover your back can be very helpful in dangerous times like these.

Your character’s strength in Dawn of the Dragons depends on your stats. The three main attributes are Attack (increases your base damage), Defense (increases your base defense) and Perception (increases the value of rewards). Boosting your character requires you to either level up, find better equipment or craft enhancements. A new set of stats applies once you decide to take on other players and join PvP game modes such as Duels, Invasions or Colosseum fights.

While duels allow you to show off your skills and prove that you are the single most talented knight in all of this fantasy world, arena battles that take place within the Colosseum feature up to four players a team. That means that you need allies that are not only brave enough to risk their lives for the cause, but also experienced enough to unlock various rewards. Participating in player-versus-player combat will reward you with bonuses, ancient relics and additional troops that can be used to protect your realm.

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