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Dawn of Steel
What to expect:
  • Play Against Thousands of Other Players
  • Command a Fleet of Mechanized Warriors
  • Build the Perfect Base and Defend Against Attackers
  • Unlock Powerful Upgrades for your Rigs
  • Conquer the Map and Take Control
  • Browser Games
  • iOS
  • Online Games
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
Age group

Command a powerful mechanized warrior in Dawn of Steel

Crush your opponents and fight for glory and honor in this fast-paced real-time strategy game, Dawn of Steel.


Use all of your skills and tactical experience to ensure that you come out on top once the dust has settled. In Dawn of Steel you take control of a team of steel clad, mechanized juggernauts that are armed to the teeth with cutting edge weapons and armor.

Tactical Gameplay

Strategy and tactics are at the heart of the action in this mobile game. You have to use your skill to build your base and defend it from attackers. Only the strongest will survive and claim victory over their foes. Raid enemy bases with your unstoppable mech-warriors, and unlock upgrades and improvements to make your Rigs even more powerful. This real-time strategy game is a test of skill.

The controls have been built from the ground up with mobile gameplay in mind. You control your fearsome mechanized behemoth with intuitive swipe commands and touch controls simply with the flick of a finger. You can even fine tune your attacks to make sure that you land that devastating blow.

Customize and Build your Mechs

All of the elements in Dawn of Steel are customizable. There are hundreds of different options for you to upgrade and improve your fleet of warriors. Each situation calls for a different loadout for the Rigs, and it’s up to you to decide the best equipment for the job. As you conquer your enemies you can unlock gear and expand your territories across an ever changing multiplayer world. You never know what challenge will be next when playing Dawn of Steel.

Your base design is completely up to you, do you want to focus on defensive attributes? Is a fully offensive design your kind of thing? Maybe you will build a balance between the two. It’s your choice, and you will have to work out how to build the perfect base in order to conquer the enemies and other players in the Dawn of Steel universe.

Dive into a fully 3D world with immersive environments and stunning graphics. Dawn of Steel is available completely free-to-play, so if tactical Mechanized warfare is your kind of thing, click the button below and start your real-time strategy adventure.

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