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DarkOrbit Description

Travel to strange and faraway galaxies in this free-to-play space shooter. Build an empire and defend it against thousands of others who seek to take it from you…


DarkOrbit is a free-to-play browser game that takes you to the distant third millennium. After the earth has become uninhabitable, humankind took to the stars in search of new places to settle and live. On their search, researchers discovered new resources in the endless expanses of the galaxies. Over the centuries, people have settled on places to live and adapted to life there… However, history tends to repeat itself.

Exactly the way things transpired back on earth, everything in the reaches of space is about money and power. In DarkOrbit, three major companies are trying to gain control of all the resources by invading planets. You must align yourself with one of these corporations and help stake your claim.

As a pilot in DarkOrbit, you have to ensure that the company which you fight for comes out on top. This means that you have to go on a search for new resources and battle those who would wish to take them for themselves.

You will start your career with a small spaceship and basic gear. These are completely upgradeable and will allow you to turn your once standard craft into an incredibly powerful fighting machine. The only way to earn respect among your enemies in DarkOrbit is to defeat them in battle!

In the space shooter, you will not only have to master your ship and its systems, but employ good tactics as well. Through solid strategy you can lay claim to resources and further goal of your company and perhaps become the most powerful pilot of all time. Think of the online action game as a more modern version of Space Invaders and those other arcade space games from the past. You control your ship from a bird's eye perspective which allows you to always have an overview of the battle.

DarkOrbit is available online in the browser of your choice. You do not have to download a huge client first, but can delve into battle after registering an account!

DarkOrbit Screenshots

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