Darkness Reborn
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Darkness Reborn
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Darkness Reborn Description

Slay mighty dragons, fight powerful demons, and journey through a mystical world of darkness and evil. Create the ultimate warrior and fight not only for survival but for power, control and domination in a mobile game that's available for iOS and Android.


A brave knight once challenged a powerful two-headed dragon called Belphegor. The beast was fatally injured and sent back to the underworld, but with its last remaining strength the powerful monster cursed the knight and scattered his army. It is up to you to face the wrath of this raging warrior and bring him down once and for all!

Choose your hero class in this mobile game and journey through the many unique stages, fraught with darkness and evil. Join guilds with friends, and take on challenging dungeons as a team, using the collective force of you and your allies to destroy powerful enemies. Available for iOS and Android, Darkness Reborn will have you on the edge of your seat as you dominate intense third-person 3D battles against evil monsters and other players online.

Once you have chosen your class, you will be able to customize your characters with thousands of different items, all of which can be used in a unique way to create devastating combo attacks. Each adventurer has individual abilities that are advantageous in battle. Learn to master over 40 kinds of skills attributed to each hero, resulting in hack'n'slash combat. Boost your power with Rage, a feature that will momentarily increase the speed and strength of your hero, allowing you to blast through waves of demonic creatures.

Darkness Reborn invites you to engage in 3vs3 combat against other players online to win rewards and develop your character's strengths. Quest as part of an alliance, fighting powerful bosses in parties of up to six players. Every quest has different tasks for you to achieve, each with their own level of difficulty. Your accomplishments will be rewarded with valuable items that you can use to strengthen your character and become a mighty warrior, all in preparation to face the fury of the fallen knight.

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