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Dark Swords
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Dark Swords Description

Discover a dark and mysterious fantasy world full of orcs, elves and other wild creatures, and help fight against the ominous forces of evil in this free-to-play client game...


Dark Swords is a client-based fantasy game set in a darkened and mystical world riddled by evil creatures. Your mission is to join the fight against this evil and protect the land of Tharasos from being destroyed. After downloading the Dark Swords game client, you must choose and name your character, and allocate the skills parameters. You must also select which weaponry your character will need as you roam the haunted land. Weapon types include the sword, the axe, the knife, the staff, the spear and the maul.

There are five character classes in the online game Dark Swords, including the Orc, the Elf, the Human, the Dwarf and the Drow. Each of these classes has different weapon-yielding abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Orcs are brave warriors that prefer the frontline of the battle using the ‘rampage’ technique to bring down their enemies. Elves are swift and fierce, and attack their opponents using unprecedented and skilled moves. Humans use the sheer force of sorcery in battle, channeling the powers of the universe through their staffs. Dwarves are powerful, loyal and have a special impregnability, giving them greater chances of survival and increased stamina.

With endless quests and missions to uncover in each level your character will be continuously challenged and given opportunities to learn new skills and gain new experience. There are numerous skills that can be learnt in the role-playing game Dark Swords including Open Wounds, Survival Specialist, Stealth and Dragonhead Staff. There are also endless items, artifacts, trophies and other rewards available to further your chances of success and victory in the online game Dark Swords.

by Kyle Hayth

Dark Swords Screenshots

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