Dark Blood: The Thief Class Cometh

12/14/2012 07:27 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG

The most recent content update for the side-scrolling RPG Dark Blood sees the introduction of the Thief Class, a quick, stealthy and above all deadly class. The Thief will prove difficult to best in combat, making this new type of character a formidable foe for any aspiring adventurer. To make the launch of this new class all the more exciting, there will be a “Catch That Bandit Leveling Race” as well as a treasure-filled “Monster Bash”. Take a look at this brand new class in the trailer below.
To make sure no one forgets about all the other great content offered by Dark Blood in the wake of the new class release, there are also a couple tournaments around the corner. The All Thieves Field Duels will be happening Dec. 14th at 5pm PT with the Assassins v Outsiders Arena Battles on thefollowing Friday, Dec. 21st at 5pm PT.

You will also be able to talk in depth on the new Thief class with Dark Blood’s head developer Daniel Chang on MassivelyTV via Friday Dec. 14th at 5pm PT.

Source: Press release
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