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Dark Blood
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Dark Blood Description

The powers of darkness are rising up again in the medieval world of Atarsia. There is still hope for a hero to arise and beat back the growing evil that threatens the world itself…


Experience the online fantasy world of Atarsia in this free-to-play, client-based game. It is a world of dark and light, which is mirrored by the darker side, Hetarsia. On the light side, there is life and happiness with forests that have grown for tens of thousands of years but trouble is afoot and the people that rule this land have been overcome by greed and power. Now, the fate of the Five Kingdoms is uncertain…

The dragon lord Astaroth rules the dark side and wishes nothing more than to conquer the light side and claim it as his own. The invasion is already planned but there is one thing standing in the way of him and the complete domination of Atarsia. You must answer the call to arms and fight back his growing army if you wish to save the online fantasy world.

As a warrior, knight, hunter or mage you will stand up and fight against the dark threat. Each character class offers different and unique abilities that will let fill a role and write your own story how you see fit. The warrior is particularly strong, while the knight is renowned for his defensive skills. From a distance, the mages and hunters unleash devastating attacks on their opponents.

However, you will not only fight alongside other players against the dark powers, you will also have to fight against them as well. In PvP combat in Dark Blood, you will prove that you have mastered your skills and can defeat other players in combat. It will not be an easy road but those who do manage to become masters of their abilities, characters and gear, will not only defeat those around them but will defend the fantasy world from certain destruction!

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