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Dark Age Wars
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Dark Age Wars Description

This strategy-based medieval game takes you back in time to the dark ages, where military strategy and tactics meant survival. Gather resources, grow an army and expand your settlement.


Dark Age Wars is a free-to-play browser game set in a medieval world, where your mission is to take control of a sprawling empire and expand and conquer your way across the land as a powerful leader. You start the game with a rich but empty plot of farmland, with an abundance of resources that require collection. Development of your empire begins right away as you gather these resources to provide for the future of your settlement.

The next strategic move in the online game is to start construction of various dwellings. Build farms, mines, lumber camps and quarries to assist you in your expansion. These constructive buildings will help you as governor of your empire with accumulating additional resources, providing for your strong army, and protecting your fort from espionage and attacks.

You should also construct a series of barracks, a siege shop and a stable for your powerful infantry of soldiers. As your territory grows in the real time strategy game, you unlock even stronger and fiercer soldiers to use in war. Attack neighboring cities and loot their valuable supplies, or focus on the defense of your own city. The combative techniques in Dark Age Wars are completely in your hands. It is important to know your allies from your enemies in this strategy-based game as you either fight against or trade with the surrounding settlements.

As you construct new buildings, expand your army and conquer the land your empire grows. It then becomes crucial that you use an efficient and diplomatic governing system in order to maintain order and control of your own empire.

The medieval-themed browser game Dark Age Wars is available in the browser of your choice. Basically, all you need in order to play the RTS is a working computer and a stable internet connection. You don't have to pay a single dime, as the online game is completely free-to-play.

by Kyle Hayth

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