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Cycling4Freaks Description

This browser based game puts you in charge of your own team of cyclists; organize training, transfer riders, and prepare them for one of the many intense races that lie ahead.


Cycling4Freaks is a free browser game with simple graphics and one goal: training a team of cyclists to become the fastest and most successful team. There are several components to the sports-themed game Cycling4Freaks, all of which need to be efficiently managed in order to be successful in the game. This includes managing your team's finances, your player's salaries and new player purchases, being sure to stay on budget. In order to participate in a Cycling4Freaks race, you will need to recruit nine riders, who should be trained regularly so fitness levels are maintained.

Your riders should not only practice flat ground cycling, but also mountain and downhill cycling, time trials, sprints, and cycling on tough terrain, to ensure they are fully equipped for the races against other competitors. As you defeat your opponents, you can watch your position rise in this in-game statistics, striving ultimately for the top position. As well as a rise in the rankings, every victory in this sports management game will earn you more credits which can be used to reinvest in your team.

There are seven divisions you can enter in the online game Cycling4Freaks, depending on the skill level of your team. You are also able to rate other players to let them know they've done a great job, or interact with players in the in-game forum. Catch up with the latest news, keep up to date with the in-game events calendar, and monitor your statistics, as you train, manage and inspire your team to the top of the Cycling4Freaks ranking list.

by Kyle Hayth

Cycling4Freaks Screenshots

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