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Cut the Rope
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Cut the Rope Description

Meet Om Nom, a little green creature that loves nothing more than eating candy all day long. Unfortunately, his candy is scattered across the world and attached to ropes. It is up to you to help Om Nom get his precious candy back.


Cut the Rope is a strategic puzzle game in which you help a small little monster gather his candy which has been scattered all over the world. Om Nom is a green creature that loves his sugary candy drops more than anything else in the world. His only problem is that he has a hard time reaching his sweets himself. He needs your help to collect candy in more than 375 levels. If there is one thing that tends to upset this little creature, it’s seeing his candy drop to the floor. So, make sure to tax your brain, solve all the puzzles and give Om Nom a constant sugar rush.

The mobile game has hundreds of different levels in more than 15 worlds which get more and more difficult the farther you make it. The candy drops are dangling from ropes at the top of a level and it is your goal to make sure that you bring them down so that they drop into Om Nom’s mouth. Each level has a vast number of obstacles which make this task more and more complicated. Study and understand the way the online game’s innovative physics engine works to effectively feed your green friend by evading barriers.

Naturally, there are also superpowers, gadgets and helpers that give you new and more innovative ways to reach the candy. Use strategic thinking to choose the right item or skill to circumvent a specific obstacle and defeat a level. Cut the Rope features bubbles in which your candy floats in mid-air, blow dryers that blow them in particular directions, and little spiders that support you.

If you’re especially ambitious, you might even make it your goal to collect all the stars that are scattered in each level.

The strategic puzzle game Cut the Rope is available for all Android and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Simply download the game on your device after you’ve purchased the title for a small price and immediately start solving all the riddles.

Cut the Rope Screenshots

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